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Week 4 banker room 2021

Welcome to Sure Bet Way weekly one banker room. Pool draw this week In this banker forum, you are required to post just you best banker or pairs or winning line with concrete proofs and well-explained sequences backed up with appropriate references. Please note that selling of games is not accepted in SureBetWay one banker room any advert sales post will be deleted with effect and spam comments are highly prohibited.

The aim of creating this forum is to enhance communication between stalkers all over the world and sharing ideas towards regular winnings weekly. So whatever you post here that is not in terms with our guidelines will be deleted.

If you wish to appreciate anyone in this banker room. Kindly contact the Admin via the number belowand your gift will be delivered straight to the recipient. On January 30, the four teams played their return match; Middlesbro drew while Brentford won. In every week of 1, from week of play count 3 down to draw, from the ans, count 6 down to draw and 13 by number.

Ref wk11, wk 21 and this Nap 4x20x26 every week31 since mark 26 by number Wolves at 9 home untop bar mark is previous position Ref week Prove of 18 Every week of 1 count home and away team of week number the answer is fixed banker draw All ref week 11,week21 and week Week 31 4 pair 14 for one must Reason every red week starting from week 11 First and last letter of away team at no 49 to give u one draw.

Admin please allow this for all to partake. Use it in all your copies. Welcome back to week 31, 18cbk prove every red week check ur special advance away last letter of first bar has been producing one banker this WK letta is R which is 18,ref. Since wk 11 till date. Goodluck Admin I hail u wella. Luton 14 home or away in same family number with leeds, is for 1 or 2 draws.

In it opponent was at 2 you are to play family number 2 down, last season was 3 to play family number 3 down now at 4 to play family 4 down. Invariably have dropped two draws hoping you understand. The following week banks as follows only if these belows Pointers are in placed Aston V 1 home…….

Week 28, 2021 UK Football Free Pools Tips, Bankers, Naps

Wolves 9 home ontop the bar…. Barnsley 10 home under the bar. Udinese home on top the bar…. Ref Last Season………. Proof of 17 Celtic at number 16 home or away Just nap number 17 by number! Anytime you see Eibar away just mark it as draw I wish you all good Luck. Full list at the back page of sporting x officer, whenever a game is doubled and brought to the front page where you have Juventus 33 and Ausburg Bank on the doubled game as draw. In week 17, it played Rochdale 29 as draw, In week 18, it played 42 as draw, In week 25, it played Crewe at 25 as draw.W elcome to our FortuneSoccer.

Here on our banker room forecasters all over the world have a platform to contribute from their immerse knowledge of the football pool soccer coupon and create an equal and yet highly captivating content in terms of bankers, pairs and winning line to every week of play on coupon. In other to make this forum competitive and organized comments will have to go through approval by the administrator before comments will be displayed for views by our visitors and fans.

week 4 banker room 2021

Be guided and informed that comments with irrelevant details or content not relating to the week of play will not be approved by the administrator. Drop your sure banker for the week here. It will be highly appreciate by our viewers if you prove your draws, pairs winning line, your contribution to our banker room, your efforts in ensuring prompt weekly winnings is will be highly appreciated by all visitors and members of this website.

There is no successful forum without a rule that guides and govern it. Before we go deep into the rules that guide this discussion room for this week, here is a quick guide to the purpose, aim and objectives of this pools one banker room. Pool Fixtures — Click Here. Pool Result — Click Here.

Banker Room — Click Here. Bet9ja Pools Codes — Click Here. Betking Pools Codes — Click Here. Merrybet Pools Codes — Click Here.

Luckybet Pools Codes — Click Here. Before you post your draws for this week here are the rules and regulations guiding visitors to post bankers on this thread. It is important to pay attention to this set of rules or guide in order to get your bankers approved by our administrator. Failure to keep to these terms will attract automatic disqualification of your post by the administrator.

If a visitor or member of this thread or forum wants to appreciate your efforts you will be connected to whomsoever, when they must have contacted by the administrator and your gift or token reward will be handed over to you by the admin. No buying and selling of games on this thread.

Always insist on verifying the proofs attached to the number of your choice and check to see if the sequence is current and still working. Analyse the games before you proceed to place on your coupon betting slip. This is to ensure success, notwithstanding that games do fail even with good working proofs. Insist on working pools information. Just play your part by being honest to yourself first and secondly make yourself a reputable character or household name on this forum. The administrator of this one banker forum is a seasoned expert and detailed professional football pools pundit.

So be rest assured that the activities of this forum will be handled professionally and in all manner of fairness. Tags : Banker Room.I could flip through the DSM-V to find descriptions of harmful social behavior. I could also launch into my Jeff Foxworthy—esque stand-up routine:.

This episode starts with the women having to go on their group date after Sarah has eliminated herself. They still have to go on this group date. Victoria says that the trash took itself out and flips her hair.

Victoria tells her to shut up. The ladies head out for the group date, which is just a cocktail party somewhere on the Nemacolin grounds. He loves being reassured by all the women he sits down with. Then he sits down with Chelsea, who shows him a photo of herself and her mom and she tells him about her natural hair journey. Because you too have 4A curls, Matt James. Have you never had to buy a silk pillowcase for a loved one?

Week 28, 2021 Draw Vision Paper, Mankind Pools Guide

Have you never sacrificed precious bathroom counter space to the entire Coconut Hibiscus Shea Moisture line? Chelsea gets the group date rose. Meanwhile, Katie and Victoria sit down because our nation needs to heal and so does the Bachelor resort. The fact that Katie knows the difference between those things has people clamoring on Twitter for her to be the Bachelorette. The first new girl out of the limo is Brittany, who is wearing a fantastic black sparkly gown and who goes up to Matt and makes out with his face.

Very aggressively. The other ladytestants watch from the window like they are trying to spot a scandal in Bridgerton. Can we fucking not? I might be asking a lot from a woman who allegedly had a Trump flag in the background of an Instagram picture that she deleted when people started pointing it out, but can we not call someone a whore because she kissed the Bachelor on The Bachelor?

Once in the house, the other women cannot fucking handle what is happening. Victoria asks to talk to Catalina, and Catalina innocently thinks Victoria is another pageant queen. Time for the rose ceremony. Oatmeal arrives to guide Matt through the process of alienating all the women by showing too much affection to one person and then breaking up while on a Freeform reality show. Mari wins and her only prize is a golden trophy of nuts sheepishly presented by Chris Harrison.

Week 4 Drops

Magi gets stuck in a pumpkin canoe in the middle of the lake! At the cocktail party that night, Anna takes Matt aside to finally tell him about who she is. She grew up in Minnesota and loves boats. Brittany is told by a producer to interrupt them and Anna refuses to give Matt up and demands another five minutes to tell him everything important about herself.

Anna takes Victoria aside and tells her that Brittany might be an escort and that she entertains men for money. Who gives a shit? That sounds like a delight.

Sure, if given every choice and opportunity, many of us would be nurses and lawyers and teachers but a few of us would just accompany rich men to the opera and get a diamond bracelet.

Brittany is stunned and rightly so. She wants to humiliate and degrade Brittany. Is that true? I need any of these women to read a pro-sex-worker text.

Bri gets the group date rose. The next day, all the women are discussing the rumors about Brittany and Michelle is getting ready for her one-on-one date with Matt.Costs: N3, What you enjoy in Papers Room: 1. You get Eight Pools Forecasting Papers delivered to you regularly every week.

You get My Banker Pair. You get Weekly Forecasting Pools Sequence. How much for the above mentioned services? Everything costs N3, only. To join papers room for January, Call John Paul: Costs: N — Call John Paul: Meanwhile, if you want to join my school of Poolology, and learn the secret of predicting games, you can register today. Call John Paul on to register now. Do you want to win this Week? Are you on WhatsApp? Do you need the secret on how you can win pool every week. Meanwhile, I have goodnews for all those people interested in playing online betting.

But, I want to remind you that pool is not a business you win easily even though it is highly programmed and spiritual. And embrace humility. With our proper strategy in place, we can help you achieve your goals. If you fail to plan, then you are already planning to fail.

Ever business needs a plan, and pool business is not an exception. I will explain below. Just think of pool as a raffle draw bonanza auction.

How many people buy their tickets with the mind of winning the grand prize?

Banker Room

Many of us will lose, and only a few will win. But, the fact that you were not among the winners for any given week do not necessarily mean that you will not win any other week. Many of us fail to win because we do not embrace Patience.Pool Draw This Week 27…. All your contributions is highly valued. To Learn how to calculate your pools winning, click here. To see the members that performed so well past weeks, click here. To download solutiontipster app on playstore and view the website without hassles, click here.

Please before you post in this banker thread, pay attention to this few lines of words that narrate our posting norms. Please the above is not a command but a common principle that will ensure effectiveness of this forum. Old members. Once you publish your comment, do not bother re-posting it; exercise little patience before it gets published by the admin.

To Everyone making use of the posted games…. You cannot play all the games posted here. And most importantly, always re-analyze the proofs before deciding to use any game. Look before you reap. Contact Admin once you reach to be paid. No Calls Please, Please text only. Promoter is very reliable. The promoter offer two different kinds of fixed odd. For instance, You stake N, you will pay N instead of the normal If you stake N, you will pay N instead of the normal N… If you stakeyou will pay N instead.

Once you win, send your account number for payment starting that Saturday. Note — You can stake nap or permutation. If you stake your coupon in my hand and wins, send your account number for payment immediately after result is completed. I will pay. Week 27 banker….

week 4 banker room 2021

Xxxx1xxxX ………. Arsenal at number 1 home on red ………. Week 11…home win. Week 27 Red. CBK x23xx Hull at 33 away,opponents first alphabet to locate Nottm Forest at home to draw,count opponent total alphabet, answer to draw and draw up,confirmation,addition of the position of Nottm Forest on coupon must be equal in value with total alphabet of Hull opponent.

N x4x. Oga Admin I hail. A key I accquired long time ago is set on coupon this WK The keys states Arsenal vs. Newcastle at no. Happy new year to the house. One solid banker for tipsters this week27 is no. Reason is week number is likely to complet the four colours. As usual, two possible bankers as likely pair. Observe and Decide.Started by Fixed Expert. Football Pools Coupon System. Football Pools Coupon.

Saturday Sure Banker Draw, Click here. Daily Sure Game, Click here. Pages: 1 2 3 Nott'm For. The Sheff Wed - Q. The Hakoah S. Key set for Week 50 Started by Fixed Expert. The Bristol R. Oldham VS Newport Co. Exeter at 37 sure Key for week 8 Started by Fixed Expert.

VS Eastern L. Key Started by Fixed Expert. VS Brisbane S. Forgot your password? December 25,AM by Fixed Expert.

week 4 banker room 2021

November 27,AM by Fixed Expert. November 13,AM by Fixed Expert. October 14,AM by Fixed Expert. October 09,PM by Fixed Expert. September 30,PM by Fixed Expert. September 09,PM by Fixed Expert.

week 4 banker room 2021

September 02,PM by Fixed Expert. August 20,AM by Fixed Expert. August 12,PM by Fixed Expert. July 29,PM by Fixed Expert. July 22,PM by Fixed Expert. July 15,PM by Fixed Expert. July 08,PM by Fixed Expert. July 04,PM by Fixed Expert. June 26,AM by Fixed Expert.

June 17,PM by Fixed Expert.We highly appreciate your contribution to our pool banker room, your efforts in ensuring prompt weekly winnings is highly valued by all visitors and members of this website.

It is important to pay attention to this set of rules or guide in order for you to get your bankers approved by our administrator. Welcome to wk 32greetings to fellow tipsters and my able admin. I have 37 for you guys as my banker. Weekweek Admin pls take note 37Bk 37Bk 37Bk.

I will come again next week with another banker. I remain confirm banker. Prove state that every purple game 20 away first and last letter form strong pair.

Every purple week on Right-On Football Fixtures, game no. Current setting. Welcome u all to WK WK — 14 p My two banker for this week is 13 and 15 use it well… Since season anytime Norwich appears on purple colour mark it fail and play up and down. Welcome to week 32 i thank God for last week success of my banker 31 i jst pray we win again this week. Last week kilmarnock at 21fff 31xxx this week mark it position 21xxx as draw that is how i have 21 as draw i have prove it….

Welcome back to week 32 19p30 for one or two draws prove every week 32,WK no minus sat. Date of play to draw n since wk 12 this season minus WK no with code 2 the answer is a draw. Let no man glory in himself. Without the help of the God, I can do nothing. So, in all the Glory belongs to Him alone.


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